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USB Flash Drive Speed Tests - VID = 1908, PID = 226

Welcome to Speed Tests Web site for USB Flash Drives.
In this page, you can find the speed test results of USB flash drives, made by USBDeview utility. USBDeview make this test by writing a large file into the USB flash drive, and then reading back the same file to getting the read speed. The speed is calculated and displayed in Megabytes per second (MB/Sec). Be aware that all these tests are made by making a sequential read and write operations of a single file. When you use multiple small files, you'll probably get much lower read/write performances.

If you want to test the read/write speed of your own USB drives and share the results with other people, you can follow the instructions in this page: Test and publish the speed of your USB flash drive.

There is also a summary page, which contains a summary of speed tests for USB drives that accumulated 5 speed tests or more.

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Some Remarks

To more easily compare the speed of USB flash drives, you can filter the list according to drive size group:

1 GB or less 2 GB Group 4 GB Group 8 GB Group
16 GB Group 32 GB Group 64 GB Group Larger than 64 GB

Product NameVendor NameDrive SizeVIDPIDRead SpeedWrite SpeedSubmitter
USB Mass Storage Device 7.38 GB190822618.14 MB/Sec2.96 MB/SecU1
Fake SDXC 'Lexar' bought from Ebay 249.97 GB190822617.90 MB/Sec3.20 MB/SecT.B.
USB Mass Storage Device 7.26 GB190822614.39 MB/Sec3.24 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device M2 for Sony 3.75 GB19082268.44 MB/Sec3.35 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 3.68 GB190822617.72 MB/Sec3.41 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 7.19 GB190822614.39 MB/Sec3.41 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 3.77 GB19082265.46 MB/Sec3.42 MB/SecArthurPendrago
USB Mass Storage Device 125.00 GB19082264.76 MB/Sec3.43 MB/Sec 
USB 2 Generic 3.70 GB190822618.94 MB/Sec3.43 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 7.21 GB190822616.18 MB/Sec3.46 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 7.67 GB190822611.13 MB/Sec3.47 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 7.67 GB190822611.16 MB/Sec3.53 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 7.26 GB190822614.57 MB/Sec3.54 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 125.00 GB190822615.74 MB/Sec3.60 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 7.40 GB190822619.74 MB/Sec3.72 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 59.73 GB190822615.21 MB/Sec3.76 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 31.28 GB19082267.58 MB/Sec3.79 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 14.47 GB190822618.46 MB/Sec3.94 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device - Sandisk Ultra microSD 32GB HC i 10 29.71 GB190822618.20 MB/Sec3.96 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 3.74 GB19082264.73 MB/Sec4.25 MB/Sec4GB MicroSD
USB Mass Storage Device 7.33 GB190822617.01 MB/Sec4.25 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 249.96 GB190822615.17 MB/Sec4.26 MB/Sec 
Cheap SD Card 7.21 GB190822617.90 MB/Sec4.37 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 249.94 GB190822613.80 MB/Sec4.47 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 249.94 GB190822613.80 MB/Sec4.48 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 14.64 GB190822614.22 MB/Sec4.53 MB/Sec 
Sandisk microSD 16GB HC I 14.83 GB190822618.10 MB/Sec4.58 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 14.56 GB190822618.50 MB/Sec4.73 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 14.83 GB19082265.31 MB/Sec4.76 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 29.47 GB19082268.67 MB/Sec4.82 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 62.48 GB190822614.26 MB/Sec4.89 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 3.71 GB190822617.61 MB/Sec4.90 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 29.71 GB190822615.23 MB/Sec4.95 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 232.16 GB19082265.54 MB/Sec4.97 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 1.84 GB190822610.21 MB/Sec4.98 MB/Secbillyb1987
USB Mass Storage Device 1.84 GB190822610.14 MB/Sec4.99 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 7.38 GB190822610.60 MB/Sec5.00 MB/Sec 
FUJIMAX 64GB Micro SDXC U-1 Class 10 58.21 GB19082265.53 MB/Sec5.08 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 7.44 GB19082265.32 MB/Sec5.11 MB/Sec 
transflash 32gb 31.23 GB190822614.53 MB/Sec5.26 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 62.50 GB190822617.67 MB/Sec5.35 MB/SecLCL
USB Mass Storage Device 1.85 GB19082264.58 MB/Sec5.38 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 10.11 GB190822616.12 MB/Sec5.42 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device - Credit Card Size 3.76 GB190822615.85 MB/Sec5.46 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 7.41 GB190822611.23 MB/Sec5.48 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 249.99 GB190822615.98 MB/Sec5.54 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 14.80 GB190822617.32 MB/Sec5.60 MB/Sec 
microsd 32 gb pendrive 29.77 GB190822614.21 MB/Sec5.65 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 14.69 GB190822617.87 MB/Sec5.73 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 7.46 GB190822617.14 MB/Sec6.03 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 124.94 GB190822616.27 MB/Sec6.24 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 28.91 GB190822618.40 MB/Sec6.26 MB/Sec 
Micro SD HC Card 7.43 GB190822613.95 MB/Sec6.26 MB/SecSUJ STUDIO
SanDisk Ultra Micro SD XC1 128GB 125.00 GB190822616.58 MB/Sec6.28 MB/Sec 
1GB Transcend Micro SD 0.93 GB190822615.00 MB/Sec6.66 MB/SecMichael
Innostor Innostor USB Device 31.23 GB190822617.43 MB/Sec6.76 MB/Sec 
MicroSD - SAMSUNG - 32GB - CLASS 10 - HC1 - U1 31.24 GB190822617.61 MB/Sec6.92 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage 64G on G: 58.29 GB190822617.17 MB/Sec7.04 MB/SecMike Massen
USB Mass Storage Device 29.12 GB190822616.41 MB/Sec7.20 MB/Sec 
SanDisk Ultra 28.96 GB190822615.20 MB/Sec7.38 MB/Secn-zandra
USB Mass Storage Device 7.49 GB190822615.24 MB/Sec7.43 MB/Sec 
Samsung 64 EVO via reader 59.61 GB190822614.88 MB/Sec7.55 MB/Sec 
verbatim 10class U1  3.68 GB190822618.20 MB/Sec7.59 MB/Sec 
Verbatim MicroSDXC copy? 499.98 GB190822618.76 MB/Sec7.75 MB/Sec 
Transcend 16GB SDHC 300x 45MB/s 14.98 GB190822617.95 MB/Sec7.93 MB/SecT.B.
USB Mass Storage Device 62.50 GB190822617.40 MB/Sec7.94 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 999.01 GB190822614.55 MB/Sec7.98 MB/Sec 
Samsung U31D 29.54 GB190822614.92 MB/Sec8.19 MB/Sec 
Toshiba EXCERIA 32GB Class10 UHS-1 28.90 GB190822616.00 MB/Sec8.28 MB/Seckaotd
USB Mass Storage Device 3.72 GB190822618.20 MB/Sec8.32 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 14.83 GB190822616.27 MB/Sec8.32 MB/Sec 
USBmass 31.25 GB190822618.23 MB/Sec8.52 MB/Secasd
USB Mass Storage Device 249.96 GB190822615.08 MB/Sec8.56 MB/Sec 
SanDisk Ultra microSDHC UHS-I 28.96 GB190822614.08 MB/Sec8.60 MB/Secn-zandra
Lexar 633x UHS-I 64GB via reader 59.65 GB190822615.08 MB/Sec8.83 MB/Sec 
sony MicroSDHC 16Gb flash in usb adapter 14.49 GB190822617.32 MB/Sec8.83 MB/Secsdeschamps
USB Mass Storage Device 0.25 GB190822616.74 MB/Sec8.89 MB/Sec 
Adata 14.72 GB190822614.51 MB/Sec8.94 MB/Sec 
PNY 64 29.54 GB190822618.29 MB/Sec9.25 MB/Sec 
Samsung 64 EVO via reader 59.61 GB190822615.04 MB/Sec9.28 MB/SecDuncan
USB Mass Storage Device 14.49 GB190822616.44 MB/Sec9.52 MB/Sec 
Lexar 633x UHS-I 64GB via reader 59.65 GB190822615.08 MB/Sec9.71 MB/SecDuncan
USB Mass Storage Device 8.83 GB190822618.20 MB/Sec10.05 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 14.98 GB190822618.37 MB/Sec10.18 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 29.75 GB190822614.29 MB/Sec10.30 MB/SecVGen
USB Mass Storage Device 14.91 GB190822614.77 MB/Sec10.55 MB/Sec0160
MicroSD HC VGEN Class 10 14.89 GB190822618.06 MB/Sec10.73 MB/Sec 
Sandisk uSD 64GB 58.29 GB190822618.73 MB/Sec10.76 MB/Sec 
SanDisk 256Gb MicroSD 29.72 GB190822615.24 MB/Sec10.79 MB/SecJ.Farrell
Patriot LX Series Micro SDHC - Class 10 UHS-1 28.88 GB190822618.37 MB/Sec11.42 MB/SecR Berger
QUMOX 60.03 GB190822617.27 MB/Sec11.77 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 30.00 GB190822617.64 MB/Sec11.90 MB/Secdevil
USB Mass Storage Device 29.71 GB190822615.16 MB/Sec12.23 MB/Sec 
16 gb class 10 14.63 GB190822613.39 MB/Sec12.33 MB/Sec 
Sandisk Ultra Micro SD 32GB 29.71 GB190822617.09 MB/Sec12.36 MB/SecAliexpress
USB Mass Storage Device 3.69 GB190822617.35 MB/Sec12.41 MB/Sec 
VGEN MicroSD HC USB 3.0 14.89 GB190822615.82 MB/Sec12.44 MB/Sec 
16GB SanDisk Extreme SDHC UHS-I Class 10 45MB/S SDSDX-016G 14.83 GB190822617.38 MB/Sec12.52 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 499.94 GB190822614.29 MB/Sec12.52 MB/Sec 
ADATA Micro SD 32gb with a noname USB Card Reader/Writer adapter 29.53 GB190822611.47 MB/Sec12.63 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 14.83 GB190822614.84 MB/Sec12.69 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 119.97 GB190822617.75 MB/Sec12.88 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 29.71 GB190822617.67 MB/Sec13.06 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 59.50 GB190822614.29 MB/Sec13.06 MB/SecVGen
USB Mass Storage Device 119.05 GB190822616.97 MB/Sec13.17 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 249.99 GB19082269.40 MB/Sec13.20 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 0.93 GB190822614.84 MB/Sec13.75 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 58.58 GB190822616.77 MB/Sec13.77 MB/Sec 
Dispositivo de almacenamiento USB 59.45 GB190822616.48 MB/Sec13.87 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 29.15 GB190822612.72 MB/Sec14.15 MB/SecCLM
USB Mass Storage Device 29.71 GB190822616.65 MB/Sec14.26 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 7.51 GB19082264.54 MB/Sec14.28 MB/Sec 
Kingston Canvas SDCS/32GBSP 28.96 GB190822615.20 MB/Sec14.40 MB/SecTerrible
USB Mass Storage Device 30.00 GB190822617.75 MB/Sec14.46 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 476.89 GB190822619.79 MB/Sec14.47 MB/SecIngmar
USB Mass Storage Device 59.59 GB190822614.84 MB/Sec14.55 MB/Secge2
SAMSUNG SDXC 512 Go USB Mass Storage Device 477.44 GB190822620.07 MB/Sec14.66 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 119.22 GB190822615.08 MB/Sec14.81 MB/Sec 
SAMSUNG SDXC 512 Go USB Mass Storage Device 477.44 GB190822619.73 MB/Sec14.84 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 7.36 GB19082267.34 MB/Sec14.88 MB/Sec 
Samsung EVO Micro SD 29.80 GB190822614.37 MB/Sec14.92 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 119.23 GB190822618.95 MB/Sec15.08 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 14.73 GB190822617.94 MB/Sec15.44 MB/Secg
USB Mass Storage Device 7.39 GB190822615.32 MB/Sec15.53 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 58.25 GB190822616.65 MB/Sec15.61 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 7.39 GB190822615.53 MB/Sec15.65 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 29.99 GB190822619.52 MB/Sec15.74 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 115.91 GB190822614.58 MB/Sec15.78 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 119.05 GB190822615.83 MB/Sec15.78 MB/Sec 
Sandisk 32GB class 10 29.71 GB190822618.29 MB/Sec15.95 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 29.83 GB190822618.17 MB/Sec16.09 MB/Sec 
Samsung EVO PLUS 128 119.22 GB190822614.58 MB/Sec16.13 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 14.64 GB190822617.89 MB/Sec16.18 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 14.72 GB190822614.84 MB/Sec16.65 MB/Sec 
SanDisk High Endurance 64GB MicroSDXC  59.46 GB190822614.62 MB/Sec16.70 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device crashed 30.00 GB190822612.18 MB/Sec16.79 MB/Sec 
SanDisk 256Gb U3 MicroSDXC 238.23 GB190822615.36 MB/Sec17.24 MB/SecJ.Farrell
USB Mass Storage Device 14.91 GB19082266.51 MB/Sec17.95 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 29.71 GB190822615.24 MB/Sec17.95 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 14.92 GB190822611.03 MB/Sec18.34 MB/Sec 

Total number of records: 140