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USB Flash Drive Speed Tests - VID = abcd (Unknown), PID = 1234

Welcome to Speed Tests Web site for USB Flash Drives.
In this page, you can find the speed test results of USB flash drives, made by USBDeview utility. USBDeview make this test by writing a large file into the USB flash drive, and then reading back the same file to getting the read speed. The speed is calculated and displayed in Megabytes per second (MB/Sec). Be aware that all these tests are made by making a sequential read and write operations of a single file. When you use multiple small files, you'll probably get much lower read/write performances.

If you want to test the read/write speed of your own USB drives and share the results with other people, you can follow the instructions in this page: Test and publish the speed of your USB flash drive.

There is also a summary page, which contains a summary of speed tests for USB drives that accumulated 5 speed tests or more.

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Some Remarks

To more easily compare the speed of USB flash drives, you can filter the list according to drive size group:

1 GB or less 2 GB Group 4 GB Group 8 GB Group
16 GB Group 32 GB Group 64 GB Group Larger than 64 GB

Notice that the USB devices of last size group (above 64 GB) are not really flash drives. they are external hard disk drives plugged to USB. I originally created this Web site for flash drives, but because some people already submitted the speed test results of external USB disks, I added a group for them too.

Product NameVendor NameDrive SizeVIDPIDRead SpeedWrite SpeedSubmitter
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown0.94 GBabcd12349.90 MB/Sec1.99 MB/SecGeSt
Chipsbnk UDisk USB DeviceUnknown1.86 GBabcd12349.34 MB/Sec2.02 MB/SecGeSt
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown1.95 GBabcd123415.64 MB/Sec2.83 MB/SecGeSt
USB Mass Storage Device from RightdealsukUnknown124.99 GBabcd12349.09 MB/Sec2.89 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown125.00 GBabcd12349.03 MB/Sec2.95 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown1.85 GBabcd123416.20 MB/Sec2.99 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown124.99 GBabcd123413.44 MB/Sec3.02 MB/Sec 
Chipsbnk UDisk USB DeviceUnknown3.80 GBabcd12348.59 MB/Sec3.03 MB/Sec 
kinston 64gB Unknown62.48 GBabcd123416.38 MB/Sec3.04 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown124.99 GBabcd123413.34 MB/Sec3.05 MB/Secrcdell
USB-MassenspeichergeratUnknown120.09 GBabcd12347.25 MB/Sec3.05 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown29.76 GBabcd123414.04 MB/Sec3.05 MB/Sec 
U Disk Cheap Ebay Drive $8 32GBUnknown28.11 GBabcd12349.34 MB/Sec3.07 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown15.61 GBabcd123417.25 MB/Sec3.08 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB Device [ChipsBank CBM2098E(V98E)]Unknown31.98 GBabcd123413.84 MB/Sec3.09 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown30.26 GBabcd123418.83 MB/Sec3.09 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown14.54 GBabcd123419.60 MB/Sec3.09 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown7.60 GBabcd123411.04 MB/Sec3.10 MB/Sec 
Noname USBUnknown1.88 GBabcd123419.82 MB/Sec3.11 MB/SecAnders
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown15.02 GBabcd123414.07 MB/Sec3.12 MB/Sec 
Chipsbnk UDisk USB Device - FAKE 16GB, real 6.5GBUnknown14.63 GBabcd123417.89 MB/Sec3.13 MB/Sece1
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown62.50 GBabcd123417.21 MB/Sec3.13 MB/SecVuxy
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown62.50 GBabcd123410.68 MB/Sec3.16 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB Device - Xplore XP200 - 32GBUnknown30.21 GBabcd123415.15 MB/Sec3.16 MB/Secmata
General UDisk USB Device (Chinese counterfeit of Kingston DataTraveler HyperX 3.0 512GB)Unknown499.88 GBabcd123411.11 MB/Sec3.18 MB/Sec 
unnownwnUnknown61.91 GBabcd123411.23 MB/Sec3.18 MB/Sec 
Chipsbnk UDisk USB DeviceUnknown29.34 GBabcd123415.22 MB/Sec3.20 MB/Sec 
USB DeviceUnknown31.19 GBabcd12349.62 MB/Sec3.22 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown125.48 GBabcd123415.72 MB/Sec3.23 MB/Sec 
Unknown ManufacturerUnknown30.27 GBabcd123413.31 MB/Sec3.24 MB/SecRAVA
Lenovo General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown499.98 GBabcd123410.15 MB/Sec3.26 MB/Secmrq
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown62.48 GBabcd12348.69 MB/Sec3.27 MB/Sec 
Dispositivo de almacenamiento USBUnknown486.21 GBabcd123415.23 MB/Sec3.31 MB/SecGabry
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown125.00 GBabcd12345.92 MB/Sec3.33 MB/Sec 
USB-apparaat voor massaopslagUnknown29.09 GBabcd12348.50 MB/Sec3.34 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown14.92 GBabcd123410.67 MB/Sec3.38 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown31.23 GBabcd12348.37 MB/Sec3.42 MB/Secfconvoy
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown62.48 GBabcd123417.72 MB/Sec3.43 MB/Sec 
Chipsbnk UDisk USB DeviceUnknown15.61 GBabcd123416.08 MB/Sec3.44 MB/Sec 
Generic Blue USB Flip Style DriveUnknown125.00 GBabcd123413.13 MB/Sec3.45 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown62.50 GBabcd123412.25 MB/Sec3.48 MB/Secnir123
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown62.50 GBabcd123411.45 MB/Sec3.49 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown62.50 GBabcd123412.29 MB/Sec3.49 MB/Secnir123
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown62.48 GBabcd12349.03 MB/Sec3.51 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown31.23 GBabcd123411.50 MB/Sec3.52 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device violin body from AliexpressUnknown15.02 GBabcd12349.46 MB/Sec3.53 MB/Secvz
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown14.93 GBabcd12349.12 MB/Sec3.57 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown249.94 GBabcd12349.87 MB/Sec3.60 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown15.62 GBabcd123412.92 MB/Sec3.61 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown1.86 GBabcd123413.26 MB/Sec3.63 MB/Secrjr
Pendrive FIAT 2019 GenericoUnknown7.48 GBabcd123418.17 MB/Sec3.63 MB/Sec 
USB DISK USB DeviceUnknown3.75 GBabcd123415.96 MB/Sec3.65 MB/Sec 
Dispositivo de almacenamiento USBUnknown3.92 GBabcd123412.27 MB/Sec3.65 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown62.48 GBabcd12349.20 MB/Sec3.65 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown7.50 GBabcd123415.11 MB/Sec3.66 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown62.50 GBabcd123415.61 MB/Sec3.68 MB/Sec 
USB DISK USB DeviceUnknown3.75 GBabcd123417.34 MB/Sec3.71 MB/Sec 
General USB DeviceUnknown499.88 GBabcd12349.09 MB/Sec3.72 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown125.49 GBabcd123416.62 MB/Sec3.73 MB/SecTM
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown29.77 GBabcd123419.37 MB/Sec3.75 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown31.25 GBabcd123414.13 MB/Sec3.76 MB/Sec 
HP v250wUnknown500.00 GBabcd123414.51 MB/Sec3.83 MB/SecTharanga
HPUnknown14.84 GBabcd123414.73 MB/Sec3.86 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown125.00 GBabcd123416.59 MB/Sec3.86 MB/SecKuki
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown3.75 GBabcd123416.42 MB/Sec3.87 MB/SecGeSt
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown61.91 GBabcd123418.12 MB/Sec3.89 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown499.93 GBabcd123413.31 MB/Sec3.89 MB/Sec 
Chipsbnk UDisk USB DeviceUnknown3.74 GBabcd123416.00 MB/Sec3.91 MB/Secendersx
Kingston HyperXUnknown58.59 GBabcd123415.56 MB/Sec3.92 MB/SecMatthew
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown31.25 GBabcd123416.28 MB/Sec3.92 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown124.99 GBabcd123420.12 MB/Sec3.93 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown499.94 GBabcd123414.30 MB/Sec3.93 MB/SecFALC
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown7.49 GBabcd123412.48 MB/Sec3.95 MB/SecSAGITTA
Chipsbnk UDisk USB DeviceUnknown3.74 GBabcd123412.67 MB/Sec4.00 MB/SecBeezGr
Chipsbnk UDisk USB DeviceUnknown124.97 GBabcd123414.55 MB/Sec4.00 MB/SecYankoNach
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown7.23 GBabcd123414.00 MB/Sec4.01 MB/Secrcdell
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown7.48 GBabcd123412.63 MB/Sec4.02 MB/Sec 
Chipsbnk UDisk USB DeviceUnknown0.94 GBabcd123414.00 MB/Sec4.02 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown1.85 GBabcd123415.39 MB/Sec4.03 MB/Sec 
Intenso Alu Line USB DeviceUnknown7.26 GBabcd123414.81 MB/Sec4.03 MB/SecDrossan
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown62.50 GBabcd123412.30 MB/Sec4.06 MB/Sec 
Kingston Hyperx 64 Gig Flash DriveUnknown58.59 GBabcd123415.10 MB/Sec4.06 MB/SecDustin Usher
USB-apparaat voor massaopslagUnknown3.74 GBabcd123414.99 MB/Sec4.09 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB Device from chinaUnknown62.48 GBabcd123417.03 MB/Sec4.12 MB/Sec 
Chipsbnk UDisk USB DeviceUnknown3.74 GBabcd123414.13 MB/Sec4.13 MB/Sec 
Chipsbnk UDisk USB DeviceUnknown1.87 GBabcd123414.68 MB/Sec4.14 MB/SecGeSt
Chipsbnk UDisk USB DeviceUnknown3.74 GBabcd123415.09 MB/Sec4.15 MB/SecBeez
128GB HP v250wUnknown124.96 GBabcd12348.94 MB/Sec4.16 MB/Sec 
Chipsbnk UDisk USB DeviceUnknown31.25 GBabcd123413.96 MB/Sec4.16 MB/Sec 
Chipsbnk UDisk USB DeviceUnknown124.97 GBabcd123414.63 MB/Sec4.17 MB/SecYankoNach
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown7.60 GBabcd123418.32 MB/Sec4.17 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown3.74 GBabcd123414.42 MB/Sec4.19 MB/Sec 
Aliexpress 8$ usb with 64G capacityUnknown62.50 GBabcd123417.03 MB/Sec4.22 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown62.50 GBabcd123411.23 MB/Sec4.22 MB/SecRene
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown499.88 GBabcd123410.77 MB/Sec4.23 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown15.62 GBabcd123417.10 MB/Sec4.23 MB/Sec 
USB-MassenspeichergeraetUnknown62.50 GBabcd123413.86 MB/Sec4.26 MB/SecGeoVersand
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown62.50 GBabcd123411.77 MB/Sec4.27 MB/SecToshiba
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown31.23 GBabcd123413.23 MB/Sec4.29 MB/Sec 
Chipsbnk UDisk USB Device - 1 directionUnknown7.84 GBabcd123414.47 MB/Sec4.30 MB/Secgeorge benson
Duracell 8Gb Chipsbnk UDisk USB DeviceUnknown7.60 GBabcd123414.93 MB/Sec4.31 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown242.19 GBabcd123419.74 MB/Sec4.31 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown7.76 GBabcd123413.35 MB/Sec4.33 MB/Secnir123
Chipsbnk UDisk USB DeviceUnknown31.19 GBabcd123414.00 MB/Sec4.34 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown125.00 GBabcd123413.37 MB/Sec4.36 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown62.50 GBabcd123414.74 MB/Sec4.40 MB/Secmirrror2
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown14.62 GBabcd123414.91 MB/Sec4.40 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown31.23 GBabcd123411.92 MB/Sec4.41 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown125.00 GBabcd123418.34 MB/Sec4.42 MB/Sec 2gb LanyardUnknown1.91 GBabcd123414.81 MB/Sec4.44 MB/Secjustgosh
oem 128Go usb2 supposed to be kingston dtse3 / ebay 201506Unknown125.00 GBabcd123418.20 MB/Sec4.45 MB/Secelarifr
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown5.71 GBabcd123418.97 MB/Sec4.46 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown62.47 GBabcd123414.55 MB/Sec4.49 MB/Sec 
Toshiba 64GB Thumb DriveUnknown61.51 GBabcd123417.59 MB/Sec4.49 MB/Secboytoreckonwit
Chipsbnk UDisk USB DeviceUnknown7.80 GBabcd123414.67 MB/Sec4.50 MB/SecYankoNach
Dispositivo di archiviazione di massa USBUnknown500.00 GBabcd123414.33 MB/Sec4.50 MB/Sec 
Chipsbnk UDisk USB DeviceUnknown1.86 GBabcd123414.95 MB/Sec4.51 MB/SecGeSt
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown62.48 GBabcd123415.68 MB/Sec4.52 MB/Sec 
MOWEEK 16GBUnknown14.97 GBabcd123415.83 MB/Sec4.56 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown1.87 GBabcd123414.19 MB/Sec4.56 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown14.63 GBabcd123417.91 MB/Sec4.61 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown3.81 GBabcd123414.49 MB/Sec4.62 MB/Sec 
Chipsbnk UDisk USB DeviceUnknown7.60 GBabcd123416.14 MB/Sec4.62 MB/SecNivlek86
Transcend 16GBUnknown14.63 GBabcd123415.44 MB/Sec4.62 MB/SecNafis
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown7.49 GBabcd123417.73 MB/Sec4.63 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown0.12 GBabcd123417.98 MB/Sec4.68 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown15.59 GBabcd123414.20 MB/Sec4.69 MB/Sec 
General USB DeviceUnknown62.48 GBabcd123417.01 MB/Sec4.69 MB/SecProt
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown31.25 GBabcd123417.65 MB/Sec4.70 MB/Sec 
fake kingston DT101 G2 Unknown30.26 GBabcd123410.11 MB/Sec4.70 MB/SecShekaka
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown124.97 GBabcd123413.02 MB/Sec4.73 MB/SecSeryBru
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown3.72 GBabcd123411.74 MB/Sec4.74 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown7.49 GBabcd123415.12 MB/Sec4.77 MB/Sec 
Dispositivo de armazenamento de massa USBUnknown3.74 GBabcd123413.11 MB/Sec4.77 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown7.49 GBabcd123417.79 MB/Sec4.77 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown31.23 GBabcd123412.52 MB/Sec4.79 MB/SecTS_BG
Microcad Generic 32GB USB StickUnknown30.21 GBabcd123418.17 MB/Sec4.80 MB/SecBrendanD
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown62.47 GBabcd123414.39 MB/Sec4.83 MB/Seccc
Toshiba 64GB Thumb DriveUnknown61.51 GBabcd123417.72 MB/Sec4.83 MB/Sec 
Dispositivo de almacenamiento USBUnknown124.99 GBabcd123420.99 MB/Sec4.85 MB/Sec 
HP 512Unknown499.98 GBabcd123418.26 MB/Sec4.87 MB/Sechugutux@gmail.
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown14.99 GBabcd123413.42 MB/Sec4.89 MB/Secbatranu
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown0.94 GBabcd123414.31 MB/Sec4.91 MB/Sec 
Kingston DT 101 G2 USB DeviceUnknown1.86 GBabcd123417.43 MB/Sec4.95 MB/Sec 
Toshiba TransMemory MX USB 3.0 (2.0)Unknown62.48 GBabcd123418.90 MB/Sec4.97 MB/Secmoretz
Silicon Power 8Gb [usb+micro-usb]Unknown7.50 GBabcd123413.44 MB/Sec4.98 MB/SecAlexin-Gluk
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown7.60 GBabcd123416.49 MB/Sec5.00 MB/SecDeyw
Chipsbnk UDisk USB DeviceUnknown7.80 GBabcd123415.87 MB/Sec5.02 MB/Sec 
Dispositivo di archiviazione di massa USBUnknown499.88 GBabcd123417.52 MB/Sec5.04 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown14.95 GBabcd123421.67 MB/Sec5.09 MB/Sec 
iBoutique 64gb USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown58.58 GBabcd123414.38 MB/Sec5.09 MB/Sec 
Sanjay Toshiba 16 (jan 31)Unknown14.74 GBabcd123414.49 MB/Sec5.12 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown7.49 GBabcd123416.51 MB/Sec5.12 MB/SecBAMS
Metal Ironman USB 2.0 Flash Drive w/ LED Light 64GBUnknown62.48 GBabcd123417.36 MB/Sec5.17 MB/Sec 
Data Traveler 200Unknown249.99 GBabcd123415.63 MB/Sec5.19 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device - generic 64GB from NeweggUnknown58.58 GBabcd123415.54 MB/Sec5.22 MB/Sec 
'Stark Sigil' themed drive from CustomUSB.comUnknown3.74 GBabcd123421.38 MB/Sec5.36 MB/SecChickenNugget
Goblins27Unknown62.49 GBabcd123415.83 MB/Sec5.39 MB/Sec 
VandiskUnknown14.73 GBabcd123415.98 MB/Sec5.40 MB/Sec 
Toshiba 16 sanjay Dec 2016 Unknown14.84 GBabcd123410.54 MB/Sec5.51 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown1.85 GBabcd123413.76 MB/Sec5.53 MB/Sec 
*Cheap noname 4GB USB drive*Unknown3.74 GBabcd123414.88 MB/Sec5.59 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown31.25 GBabcd123420.36 MB/Sec5.61 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown62.50 GBabcd123418.04 MB/Sec5.64 MB/Secvarmy87
Chipsbnk UDisk USB DeviceUnknown7.80 GBabcd12346.78 MB/Sec5.75 MB/Sec 
128GB USB DeviceUnknown124.97 GBabcd123414.25 MB/Sec5.76 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown123.97 GBabcd123415.45 MB/Sec5.81 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown59.99 GBabcd123415.85 MB/Sec5.89 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown499.98 GBabcd123414.02 MB/Sec5.92 MB/Sec 
Silicon Power 8Gb [usb+micro-usb]Unknown7.50 GBabcd123414.55 MB/Sec6.03 MB/SecAlexin-Gluk
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown7.48 GBabcd123414.87 MB/Sec6.05 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown7.62 GBabcd123421.61 MB/Sec6.06 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown14.75 GBabcd123417.78 MB/Sec6.10 MB/Sec 
Rogers Silver Router UDisk 122MBUnknown0.12 GBabcd123416.05 MB/Sec6.13 MB/SecKZ
udiskUnknown7.50 GBabcd123419.10 MB/Sec6.14 MB/Secjoe
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown500.00 GBabcd123417.67 MB/Sec6.15 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown499.88 GBabcd123420.24 MB/Sec6.24 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown125.43 GBabcd123415.04 MB/Sec6.26 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB Device Unknown3.74 GBabcd123419.04 MB/Sec6.26 MB/Secck
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown7.60 GBabcd123416.13 MB/Sec6.27 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown62.49 GBabcd123418.09 MB/Sec6.29 MB/SecPeris
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown7.62 GBabcd123414.99 MB/Sec6.31 MB/Sec 
generic USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown14.98 GBabcd123414.08 MB/Sec6.32 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown3.74 GBabcd123414.54 MB/Sec6.32 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown124.99 GBabcd123417.27 MB/Sec6.35 MB/Sec 
Chipsbnk UDisk USB DeviceUnknown7.89 GBabcd123414.66 MB/Sec6.39 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown7.62 GBabcd123415.76 MB/Sec6.41 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown7.60 GBabcd123412.33 MB/Sec6.44 MB/Secnortheus
Toshiba 16 gbUnknown14.74 GBabcd123417.56 MB/Sec6.45 MB/SecSanjay Jan 31
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown3.74 GBabcd123415.20 MB/Sec6.47 MB/Sec 
USB massUnknown7.49 GBabcd123411.73 MB/Sec6.51 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown3.75 GBabcd123415.12 MB/Sec6.52 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown3.75 GBabcd123417.59 MB/Sec6.53 MB/Sec 
Techkey 64GbUnknown58.59 GBabcd123418.17 MB/Sec6.55 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown499.88 GBabcd123419.36 MB/Sec6.56 MB/SecTonza
Chipsbnk UDisk USB DeviceUnknown3.80 GBabcd123411.10 MB/Sec6.56 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown125.00 GBabcd123411.63 MB/Sec6.57 MB/Sec 
LEGACY Flash DriveUnknown1.86 GBabcd123416.99 MB/Sec6.58 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown500.00 GBabcd123417.78 MB/Sec6.58 MB/Sec512 gb
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown62.48 GBabcd123418.79 MB/Sec6.60 MB/Sec 
Periferica di archiviazione di massa USBUnknown28.11 GBabcd123417.46 MB/Sec6.67 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown15.61 GBabcd123417.95 MB/Sec6.67 MB/Sec 
Chipsbnk UDisk USB DeviceUnknown124.75 GBabcd123418.61 MB/Sec6.69 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown31.25 GBabcd123414.79 MB/Sec6.70 MB/Sec 
Dispositivo de almacenamiento USBUnknown62.47 GBabcd123420.32 MB/Sec6.73 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown1,953.11 GBabcd123415.74 MB/Sec6.75 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown14.87 GBabcd123419.07 MB/Sec6.75 MB/SecsMiLeYz
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown499.88 GBabcd123413.38 MB/Sec6.80 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown124.99 GBabcd123420.24 MB/Sec6.84 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown499.88 GBabcd123415.14 MB/Sec6.84 MB/Sec 
Chipsbnk UDisk USB DeviceUnknown62.50 GBabcd123420.17 MB/Sec6.97 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown7.48 GBabcd123414.72 MB/Sec7.00 MB/Sec 
64GB UDisk USB DeviceUnknown60.53 GBabcd123416.65 MB/Sec7.02 MB/Secmaddison
VIEKUUUnknown29.30 GBabcd123416.41 MB/Sec7.02 MB/Secdas jack
USB Mass Storage Device (Kingston DT SE9)Unknown7.60 GBabcd123421.61 MB/Sec7.03 MB/Secpattespatte
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown14.99 GBabcd123418.73 MB/Sec7.04 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown3.74 GBabcd123415.53 MB/Sec7.09 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown7.49 GBabcd123414.29 MB/Sec7.11 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown29.63 GBabcd123414.61 MB/Sec7.12 MB/SecPeris
Chipsbnk UDisk USB DeviceUnknown7.51 GBabcd123414.50 MB/Sec7.12 MB/Sec 
ShadowRun Returns USB Dog Tag 8GB ThumbdriveUnknown7.51 GBabcd123413.14 MB/Sec7.18 MB/SecWolfWings
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown7.60 GBabcd123414.88 MB/Sec7.23 MB/Sec 
china "Toshiba USB3"Unknown62.47 GBabcd123419.46 MB/Sec7.27 MB/Sec 
USB DISK USB DeviceUnknown7.65 GBabcd123418.20 MB/Sec7.35 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown3.74 GBabcd123414.69 MB/Sec7.38 MB/Sec 
ADATA USB Flash Drive C008 512GBUnknown499.88 GBabcd123420.31 MB/Sec7.39 MB/Secpattespatte
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown500.00 GBabcd123414.53 MB/Sec7.39 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown7.48 GBabcd123418.58 MB/Sec7.44 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown124.99 GBabcd123417.38 MB/Sec7.49 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown125.49 GBabcd123415.28 MB/Sec7.52 MB/Sec 
Civitman 16GBUnknown29.28 GBabcd123413.55 MB/Sec7.57 MB/SecKlaas-01
USB Promo ZSRUnknown7.48 GBabcd123413.87 MB/Sec7.60 MB/Sec 
Dispositivo di archiviazione di massa USBUnknown29.08 GBabcd123417.92 MB/Sec7.63 MB/Sec 
Generic USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown7.80 GBabcd123419.27 MB/Sec7.68 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown133.46 GBabcd123434.48 MB/Sec7.76 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown7.60 GBabcd123419.33 MB/Sec7.88 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown7.50 GBabcd123414.29 MB/Sec7.88 MB/Seckrampeur
General UDisk USB Device Dux HP CollateralUnknown7.60 GBabcd123414.66 MB/Sec7.99 MB/Sec 
Aliexpress USB Mass Storage Device 8 GBUnknown7.50 GBabcd123420.91 MB/Sec8.02 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown32.56 GBabcd123420.28 MB/Sec8.09 MB/Secbogdik
TransMemory-MX Black USB 3.0Unknown62.48 GBabcd123418.55 MB/Sec8.10 MB/Secpattespatte
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown3.80 GBabcd123416.63 MB/Sec8.19 MB/Secaazz786
FAKE SAMSUNG USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown14.83 GBabcd123415.04 MB/Sec8.28 MB/SecI.OH
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown0.93 GBabcd123419.79 MB/Sec8.34 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown0.94 GBabcd123419.82 MB/Sec9.17 MB/SecJK
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown133.46 GBabcd123464.70 MB/Sec9.29 MB/Sec 
lilestick4gb1 USB DeviceUnknown3.80 GBabcd123416.65 MB/Sec9.80 MB/Secmaxdavid
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown7.49 GBabcd123413.58 MB/Sec10.71 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown84.44 GBabcd123443.69 MB/Sec11.45 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown70.84 GBabcd123452.45 MB/Sec11.47 MB/Sec 
old usb 1Unknown3.88 GBabcd123418.82 MB/Sec11.93 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown244.14 GBabcd123463.34 MB/Sec13.37 MB/Sec 
Chipsbnk UDisk USB DeviceUnknown3.94 GBabcd123419.59 MB/Sec13.72 MB/Sec 
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown60.53 GBabcd123416.48 MB/Sec15.34 MB/SecMistyCat
General UDisk USB DeviceUnknown60.53 GBabcd123416.53 MB/Sec15.42 MB/SecMistyCat
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown62.48 GBabcd123414.91 MB/Sec17.17 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown3.80 GBabcd123420.91 MB/Sec18.14 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown486.31 GBabcd123416.97 MB/Sec20.60 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown3.90 GBabcd123416.16 MB/Sec20.68 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown3.90 GBabcd123416.16 MB/Sec21.05 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage DeviceUnknown3.90 GBabcd123417.12 MB/Sec23.08 MB/Sec 

Total number of records: 261