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USB Flash Drive Speed Tests - VID = ffee, PID = 100

Welcome to Speed Tests Web site for USB Flash Drives.
In this page, you can find the speed test results of USB flash drives, made by USBDeview utility. USBDeview make this test by writing a large file into the USB flash drive, and then reading back the same file to getting the read speed. The speed is calculated and displayed in Megabytes per second (MB/Sec). Be aware that all these tests are made by making a sequential read and write operations of a single file. When you use multiple small files, you'll probably get much lower read/write performances.

If you want to test the read/write speed of your own USB drives and share the results with other people, you can follow the instructions in this page: Test and publish the speed of your USB flash drive.

There is also a summary page, which contains a summary of speed tests for USB drives that accumulated 5 speed tests or more.

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Some Remarks

To more easily compare the speed of USB flash drives, you can filter the list according to drive size group:

1 GB or less 2 GB Group 4 GB Group 8 GB Group
16 GB Group 32 GB Group 64 GB Group Larger than 64 GB

Product NameVendor NameDrive SizeVIDPIDRead SpeedWrite SpeedSubmitter
@usbstor.inf,%genericbulkonly.devicedesc%;USB Mass Storage Device 0.95 GBffee10015.58 MB/Sec3.52 MB/Sec 
@usbstor.inf,%genericbulkonly.devicedesc%;USB Mass Storage Device 1.86 GBffee1009.14 MB/Sec2.49 MB/Sec 
@usbstor.inf,%genericbulkonly.devicedesc%;USB Mass Storage Device 7.43 GBffee10010.88 MB/Sec3.08 MB/Sec 
@usbstor.inf,%genericbulkonly.devicedesc%;USB-apparaat voor massaopslag 1.84 GBffee1009.38 MB/Sec3.26 MB/Sec 
A-Data 2gb micro SD 1.87 GBffee10014.87 MB/Sec6.80 MB/Sec 
ADVAN USB Mass Storage Device 3.68 GBffee10015.34 MB/Sec4.26 MB/Sec 
Dispositivo de almacenamiento masivo USB 1.83 GBffee10014.81 MB/Sec8.41 MB/Sec 
EMTEC 4GB class4 SDHC memorycard 3.83 GBffee10014.87 MB/Sec6.55 MB/Sec 
EMTEC Memorycard SDHC 4GB Class4 3.83 GBffee10014.91 MB/Sec6.65 MB/Sec 
KingMAX 8GB MicroSDHC Class 10, held in SanDisk M2 mini card reader 7.39 GBffee10016.89 MB/Sec8.69 MB/Secwasatchwizard
MicroSD-USB Mass Storage Device 7.46 GBffee10013.90 MB/Sec6.01 MB/SecRFM
PNY Memory Crad 14.61 GBffee10014.03 MB/Sec3.20 MB/Sec 
Samsung Micro SDHC UHS-I on generic USB2 caerdreader 14.91 GBffee10015.78 MB/Sec9.13 MB/Sec 
sandisk 1.87 GBffee10015.65 MB/Sec5.60 MB/Sec 
SANDISK 8GB CLASS4 MicroSDHC memorycard 7.39 GBffee1008.73 MB/Sec3.15 MB/Sec 
Team 16GB MicroSDHC Class 10 Korea 14.90 GBffee10015.24 MB/Sec7.27 MB/Sec 
USB Device 7.41 GBffee1008.35 MB/Sec4.62 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 3.69 GBffee10014.56 MB/Sec5.01 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 0.94 GBffee10010.85 MB/Sec3.29 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 3.69 GBffee10014.72 MB/Sec3.25 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 7.46 GBffee10015.00 MB/Sec9.35 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 1.85 GBffee10014.74 MB/Sec3.69 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 29.71 GBffee10015.72 MB/Sec4.76 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 1.83 GBffee10015.92 MB/Sec3.25 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 3.76 GBffee1008.61 MB/Sec3.72 MB/Secaki
USB Mass Storage Device 3.75 GBffee10016.00 MB/Sec7.79 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 3.75 GBffee10016.00 MB/Sec7.85 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 0.95 GBffee10016.36 MB/Sec4.04 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 7.62 GBffee10010.55 MB/Sec5.29 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 3.67 GBffee10010.79 MB/Sec4.46 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 0.94 GBffee1008.64 MB/Sec3.49 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 1.87 GBffee10016.00 MB/Sec9.86 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 29.50 GBffee10015.06 MB/Sec8.10 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 0.06 GBffee1008.33 MB/Sec3.51 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 29.81 GBffee10016.00 MB/Sec8.94 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 1.83 GBffee10015.35 MB/Sec6.12 MB/Secsanz
USB Mass Storage Device 1.84 GBffee10013.43 MB/Sec4.66 MB/Secaomerix
USB Mass Storage Device 1.86 GBffee10013.68 MB/Sec6.08 MB/Sec 
USB Mass Storage Device 7.40 GBffee10011.29 MB/Sec2.19 MB/Sec 

Total number of records: 39